Lanolia Limited Editions

Limited Edition Hand Sanitiser & Hand Cream

Make sure to use a lipid rich moisturiser when using hand sanitisers regularly.

We are doing our best to help people dealing with the Corona Virus. This limited edition hand cream and hand sanitiser are specially made to be powerful, yet gentle on skin. 

Specially formulated to help people with skin conditions regularly use a hand sanitiser that won't dry out their hands, especially when used in combination with our intensive care hand cream, which helps to heal, replenish, moisturise and protect hands when over-washing and sanitising repeatedly. 
We read up on the effects of using alcohol hand sanitisers regularly, for most people the reduction in lipids and natural oils from the skin should not pose a problem. However, for people with psoriasis, eczema dermatitis and chronic dry skin, an additional reduction in lipids can affect the natural skin barrier.