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White Lanolia Pots - Sheep Farm - Skincare

We have improved our formulas and product names.

If you last bought our products at our shop at Kissane's sheep farm, you will be familiar with our white plastic pots and our sheep logo.

Introducing Calm Down (formerly Calendula Cream)

  • Protect yourself from dry skin flare-ups with Calm Down. With more lanolin and a high potency of calendula extract, your skin’s capacity to heal itself is improved. 
  • Customers with psoriasis have seen improved skin health and an increased resistance to flare-ups.

Introducing Hush Hush (formerly Chamomile Cream)

  • Stop itch and irritation in its tracks, with more chamomile extract and a new addition of shea butter, Hush Hush is even more gentle and moisturising for sensitive skin. 
  • A favourite of customers with eczema, for night time itching.

Introducing Face Time (formerly Moisturising Cream)

  • We added not one but two incredible new oils to Face Time; Rose oil plumps your skin and is used as a natural anti-aging ingredient. 
  • Almond oil has been used for centuries to treat dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis. 

Introducing Hand Care (formerly Hand Cream) 

  • Aloe vera has been added to our Hand Care formula, which allows for faster absorption and feels silky soft. 
  • Hand Care is an absolute essential during our current hand-washing times, to prevent and care for dry hands.