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I use Hush Hush when I have eczema flare-ups on my hands, it really helps soothe my skin, reduce itching and calms it down in that moment. With Lanolia, I really love that the products are based on family recipes with natural ingredients that are proven to work. I also like that the formula is not too thick, it feels like your skin can breathe.

Camille Grotenbreg, a happy Lanolia Hush Hush customer
Camille Grotenberg - The Netherlands

Lanolia cream is a complete game changer for my family. Instead of buying a bunch of creams for everyone it is gentle enough to use on the baby, children, mum and dad. I love that it transforms my skin while I have the knowledge that all the ingredients are safe and natural for my loved ones. It smells beautiful, I feel beautiful - I can’t recommend these products enough. 💚🌿

Aimee Randle and her family, happy Lanolia Skincare customers
Aimee Randle - Australia

I love their creams! I purchased some during a trip to Ireland a couple of years ago. Since then, I have reordered a few times. Working in a hospital I constantly have to wash my hands. Lanolia creams have been the best I’ve tried for protecting the moisture in my skin.

Nie Bohlen, a happy Lanolia Skincare customer
Nie Bohlen - USA

After being given some creams from a friend, I used Lanolia Calm Down on my psoriasis and found it gave such great, soothing results. Then after trying different things on my babies dribble teething rash, among them doctor's recommendations with no results, I gave this a go and instantly it had a much better effect! It's so gentle and delicate and I know it's safe for my baby as he’s bound to rub it all over his face! I need more! Thanks from Australia.

Laura Stewart and her son, a happy Lanolia Skincare customer
Laura Stewart - Australia

Since I have bought the Calm Down healing cream on my visit to the Kissane sheep farm in 2017 I have never stopped using it. It is the best and most efficient healing cream I ever came across; for skin irritations, wounds, scratches and troubled patches in the face alike. I now started using the Face Time as well and it is just as brilliant. I put it on overnight and it still feels fresh and with a protective layer the next morning.

Kirsten Stach, a happy Lanolia Skincare customer
Kirsten Stach - Ireland

Since my son was just a couple of years old he had eczema. My friend recommended Lanolia, so I tried it. It cleared up every bit of dry skin on my son within two days. I was amazed at how quickly it worked. It's like a magic potion!

Laurent Treanor and her son, a happy Lanolia Skincare customer
Lauren Treanor - Ireland
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