Mother & daughter team

Lanolia is a mother-daughter company, run at a small scale. Our aim is to help people to effectively manage their skin using natural skincare.

Lanolia was developed after many years of research & development into natural, botanical ingredients. However, our story starts many years before, with our ancestors.

The Teskey Family Legacy, 4 generations of natural remedies for skin conditions.

natural remedies

The Teskey's legacy

botanical medicine

Becoming a medicinal herbalist

Lanolin became the making of Lanolia

While researching and testing with the new ingredients, she first came to know and work with lanolin, a powerful wax found in sheep wool.

Lanolin has a wonderful structure, it closely resembles that of human skin and it is for this reason that it penetrates deeper into dry skin, creating a barrier and preventing moisture from escaping.

In 2016 Shirley and Karin joined forces, creating Lanolia, their mother-daughter cosmetics brand combining lanolin with botanical extracts.

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The Lanolia Skincare team, Shirley Teskey and Karin van Soest. Mother-daughter company based in Kerry, Ireland
A black sheep and a white lamb, free and happy on an Irish mountain top.

Ethically sourced lanolin

We use Vegetarian Approved Lanolin (Veggilanol Gold), with fully certified ethical treatment and welfare of animals in our supply chain.

Lanolin is a natural powerhouse ingredient and has many health benefits for your skin.

Prevents water loss, creating a protective yet breathable barrier for your skin. Restores moisture, it can hold 400% its own weight in moisture. Penetrates deeply, delivering moisture deep into multiple skin layers.