The Lanolia Skincare team, Shirley Teskey and Karin van Soest. Mother-daughter company based in Kerry, Ireland

Mother & daughter team

Lanolia is a mother-daughter company, run at a small scale. Our aim is to help people to effectively manage their skin using natural skincare.

Lanolia was developed after many years of research & development into natural, botanical ingredients. However, our story starts many years before, with our ancestors.

natural remedies

The Teskey's legacy

botanical medicine

Becoming a medicinal herbalist

Lanolin became the making of Lanolia

While researching and testing with the new ingredients, she first came to know and work with lanolin, a powerful wax found in sheep wool.

Lanolin has a wonderful structure, it closely resembles that of human skin and it is for this reason that it penetrates deeper into dry skin, creating a barrier and preventing moisture from escaping.

In 2016 Shirley and Karin joined forces, creating Lanolia, their mother-daughter cosmetics brand combining lanolin with botanical extracts.

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