Lanolia skincare applied to back of hand

Consistent care, reduces flare.

Healthy habits, healthy skin

Skin needs to regulate moisture, balance PH and maintain a strong skin barrier to be healthy.

Nurture your skin barrier

The skin barrier is a layer of oils that functions as a physical barrier to the external environment and works to prevent loss of water from the skin. 

When you have a flare-up your skin barrier gets broken. Moisture escapes, and your skin is weakened to infection.

Lanolia is based on lanolin, which creates a protective barrier around your skin, strengthening and rebuilding the skin barrier. 

Moisturise daily, benefits are 3-fold


Replenishing moisture loss. Your skin is loses moisture when your skin barrier is damaged. Unlike healthy skin, you need to replenish this moisture daily.


Repairing your skin barrier. Your skin barrier is made of oils, moisturising helps to restore these natural oils and repair this skin barrier.


Re-initiate your skin's repair sequence. To be able to trigger a repair sequence, and heal a flare-up, your skin needs to be moisturised.

Natural. Sustainable. Farm-fresh.

All our creams are produced by us, on our farm, in the mountains of the Wild Atlantic Way, in Ireland.

We work with natural, ethically sourced ingredients and are most powerful when fresh. That's why we produce in small batches, avoid preservatives and every cream is shipped only days after it was made.

Our production, packaging and ethos is natural, sustainable and animal welfare focused.

Lanolia Skincare is, natural steroid-free, cruelty free, sustainability focussed

Setting higher standards

made in ireland

Lanolia is made by us, fresh, every month

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