Embrace the Cold with Lanolin: your Winter Skin Revival Guide

This article explores lanolin's various benefits for winter skin care. Discuss its moisturising properties, how it helps with dry and chapped skin, and its role in creating a protective barrier against harsh winter conditions.

Lanolin Benefits
Lanolin benefits are well known in skincare, and are especially valuable for those prone to chronic dry skin, dermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. Lanolin benefits the skin in many ways, and is one of the most powerful natural moisturisers. Applications for Lanolin...
Sustainability is one of our 3 core values

In 2020 we made huge steps towards becoming a more sustainable company. We completely moved away from plastic packaging.

Causes of dry hands: washing without moisturising!
You might be surprised to hear that hand washing is one of the biggest causes of dry hands this year. Hand washing is an essential defence against the spread of the coronavirus, and we are all doing our part. 78%...
3 tips for dry hands
Do you have dry hands from all the hand washing and sanitising? Yeah, so do we. Here are 3 easy tips for dry hands.   Tip 1 ✨ It's best to apply hand cream directly after washing as it replenishes...
Living steroid-free with psoriasis and eczema
Why is living steroid-free with psoriasis and eczema so important, and what steps can you take to start your journey? We will answer this and more in this learn article. Steroids from the first prescription. Steroid creams are the go-to...
Lanolin cream
Lanolin is a natural powerhouse ingredient and has many health benefits for your skin. In this article we will outline some of these benefits and what you should look for when choosing a lanolin cream. What is lanolin? Lanolin is...
What is psoriasis?
Psoriasis is a skin condition where skin cells are being produced at a much faster rate than normal. This disrupts the natural skin barrier, causing vital components to be lost from the skin, and stopping skin from initiating its repair...
Say hello to our improved formulas 👋

Time and time again we have heard from you, how our products are the only ones to help you when you are affected by skin challenges like dry skin, psoriasis and eczema. We have been listening, and have built you an improved range of products and services. 

We donated Lanolia Hand Creams to Child & Family Services on the front line.
Throughout the pandemic we have been donating a free Hand Cream with every single Lanolia order. And we want to do more, that is why we are raising funds to donate 100 Lanolia Hand Creams to Child & Family Services working on the front line. 
We were invited by the Irish Skin Foundation to showcase Lanolia at SkinSideOut
A huge thank you 🙌 to the Irish Skin Foundation for inviting us to showcase our new Lanolia skincare for psoriasis at the SkinSideOut event. We had a wonderful time meeting many people looking for a natural alternative 🌿 for psoriasis prone skin.