We donated Lanolia Hand Creams to Child & Family Services on the front line.

We donated Lanolia Hand Creams to Child & Family Services on the front line.

Why donate Lanolia Hand Creams? 

Soon after the pandemic started, we started seeing the detrimental effects that over-washing and sanitising has on hands. That is why, throughout the pandemic we have been donating a free Lanolia Hand Cream with every single order. But we want to do more, that is why we are raising funds to donate 100 Lanolia Hand Creams to worthy organisations working on the front line. 

The first organisation we are supporting with our Hand Cream donations is Child & Family Services (child-familyservices.org), who have continued to give their support to children and families in need throughout the crisis. 

Donate a Lanolia Hand Cream! Help Child & Family Services working on the front line.

Please help us by donating €5 to fund a hand cream for a front-line worker. Click here to donate.

Scott Pfeninger, one of our Lanolia customers, received a free hand cream for a front line worker with his order and reached out to us about our donations for organisations. Scott is on the board of directors of Child & Family Services and brought us in touch with Susan Remy, their Director of Development. When we talked to both Scott and Susan, we saw their passion for helping children and families shine through their words and work. 

Child & Family Services staff

Here is Susan’s story:

Hi Susan, please tell me a little about yourself, why did you join your Child & Family Services and what keeps you coming back every day, week, month, year?

“I started working at Child & Family Services (CFS) in 1990 while I was finishing up in college. My first position here was as a Parent Mentor, which meant I would teach, mostly single parents, positive parenting and housekeeping skills (mind you I was all of 23 years of age without any children of my own). I immediately saw the work as fulfilling and the more families I worked with, the more I knew that the mission "to heal and strengthen the lives of children and families" would be my mission as well.”

Child & Family Services Mission

What has really stood out to you about your colleagues and organisation during COVID-19?

“A great example of how my colleagues pulled together to help during the crisis is as part of our 24 hour programs. These programs support individuals living with chronic mental health illnesses, and they work around the clock to assist adults and children. 

One of those programs is our Community Based Acute Treatment (CBAT) program that provides intensive short term care to children and adolescents, aged 4-17. Staff had to be creative to provide "visits" with parents and guardians, so they were equipped with Ipads and facetime, so that each child could still have their own private visit with their family during the pandemic.”

Child & Family Services Facebook post - Mental Health Workers: The invisible first responders in the pandemic

What would you love to tell our customers and followers about your organisation? 

“Child & Family Services is one of the oldest nonprofit organizations in Southeastern Massachusetts, our mission is “to heal and strengthen the lives of children and families”. 

Our mission is built on our beliefs: we believe that communities thrive when supported by strong families, and that society is strengthened by ensuring that children and families attain their full potential.

The organization’s 480 employees serve nearly 18,000 individuals and families each year, and the team continues to identify innovative new ways to provide a continuum of care even when budgets are tight. We are a private, nonprofit, human service agency that provides adoption services, mental health counseling, psychiatry and specialized family support programs to people of all ages living in Greater New Bedford, Greater Fall River, Cape Cod, Lawrence, Florence, Plymouth, Worcester and Waltham.”

Child & Family Services; 170 years of support

If you would like to learn more about Child & Family Services, make sure to connect with CFS on their social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Please support more worthy organisations on the front line by funding our Lanolia Hand Cream donations for Child & Family Services, click here to make a donation thank you.