Sustainability is one of our 3 core values

Sustainability is one of our 3 core values


Lanolia skincare, setting higher standards. Sustainability Focussed.

Sustainability is one of our 3 core values.

In 2020 we made huge steps towards becoming a more sustainable company. We completely moved away from plastic packaging. 

Recycle or up-cycle our sustainable aluminium pots - Lanolia Skincare

Sustainable Packaging

Our new pots are made from aluminium, a highly recyclable material. It can be recycled endlessly without losing its quality (unlike our old plastic pots). 

Please recycle or up-cycle

Please recycle, aluminium is globally-valuable and almost all countries in the world optimise for recycling their aluminium. So you can rest assured it won't end up in a landfill.

Or Up-cycle, just remove the paper under the lid and give them a spin in the dishwasher. Now you've got a handy container for sowing pins, or cooking spices!