Chamomile Lanolin Ointment

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Soothe itchy skin

Help to ease itchy skin reactions caused by insect bites, rashes, flare-ups or allergies.


Chamomile, a natural anti-histamine combined with shea-butter and lanolin create a powerful blend of natural ingredients which reduce itch and irritation. Its scent is natural, delicate and doesn't irritate.

Over 15,000 people have experienced the benefits of Lanolia

I use Hush Hush cream when I have eczema flare-ups in my hands, it really helps soothe my skin and stop me from itching.

Camille Grotenbreg, a happy Lanolia Hush Hush customer
Camille Grotenberg, The Netherlands

Working in a hospital I constantly have to wash my hands. Lanolia creams have been the best I’ve found for protecting the moisture in my skin.

Nie Bohlen, a happy Lanolia Skincare customer
Nie Bohlen, USA
Lanolia Skincare is, natural steroid-free, cruelty free, sustainability focussed

Setting higher standards

Naturally Effective Skincare

Made by us, fresh,
in Ireland.