Hush Hush

Ease itch and irritation


Hush Hush

Soothing anti-irritation cream

Ease skin irritation

Soothe irritated or itchy skin caused by eczema flare-ups or sensitive skin.


A gentle, soothing combination of chamomile flower extract, jojoba oil and shea butter, which are pleasant even on the most sensitive skin.

Calm irritation
Soothe itch
Restore moisture
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Since my son was just a couple of years old he had eczema. We tried lots of creams and different steroid creams which had no effect. My friend recommended Lanolia, so I tried it. It cleared up every bit of dry skin on my son within two days. I was amazed at how quickly it worked. It's like a magic potion! I love that it's completely natural.
Lauren Treanor - Tralee, Ireland

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