Lanolia Gift Cards

Lanolia Gift Cards

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Doing last minute Christmas Gift Shopping? Give a Lanolia Gift Card.

You will receive your gift card in an email, which you can print out and include in a card under the Christmas tree. 

Lanolia Gift Cards are available in a variety of prices, if you don't see the amount you would like to buy, get in touch and we will add it for you.

Over 15,000 people have experienced the benefits of Lanolia

I use Hush Hush cream when I have eczema flare-ups in my hands, it really helps soothe my skin and stop me from itching.

Camille Grotenbreg, a happy Lanolia Hush Hush customer
Camille Grotenberg, The Netherlands

Working in a hospital I constantly have to wash my hands. Lanolia creams have been the best I’ve found for protecting the moisture in my skin.

Nie Bohlen, a happy Lanolia Skincare customer
Nie Bohlen, USA
Lanolia Skincare is, natural steroid-free, cruelty free, sustainability focussed

Setting higher standards

Naturally Effective Skincare

Made by us, fresh,
in Ireland.